Illinois Loans

Chicago, Illinois FHA Loans

The Illinois FHA offers a number of different loan programs including options for purchases, refinances, financing special renovation projects, and even reverse mortgages. e-Finance Mortgage LLC offers some of the lowest rates on FHA loans throughout Illinois.

Illinois Conventional Loans

e-Finance Mortgage LLC is proud to offer exceptional conventional loan rates to buyers in Illinois.

There are options for conventional loans encompass fixed-rate, adjustable-rate, and even a merge of the two (hybrid).

Illinois State and Local Housing Programs

Many state, county and local government programs offer financing for qualifying low-to-moderate income families wishing to purchase their first home. Loan assistance programs like Mortgage Credit Certificate (MCC) offer a partial tax credit for interest on the loan.

Illinois VA Loans

e-Finance Mortgage, LLC provides stellar VA loan services to applicable individuals throughout Illinois.

The Illinois VA loan provides a number property purchase benefits, which include flexibility in mortgage insurance and closing costs.

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