Self Employment

Self-Employed Program/Bank Statement Program

If you are self-employed and are looking to purchase or refinance a home (or multiple properties!), it can seem more complicated than traditional employed workers. However, at e-Finance Mortgage, LLC, our team specializes in helping self-employed people across the nation get the loans they need to purchase their dream homes or refinance their current homes. Contact us today and find out just how smooth we can make that journey for you!

Ways We Can Help

Did you know that you don’t have to wait until you sell your house or finish paying your mortgage to access your home equity? If you need some extra cash for home repairs, consolidating debt, or any other financial goal, a cash-out refinance can be the solution for you. Cash-out refinancing allows you to convert equity into cash. With cash-out refinancing you can get access to cash fast and use it for virtually any purpose. The e-Finance Mortgage team is here to help you get the cash you need for your goals.

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What Statements We Can Take

At e-Finance Mortgage, LLC, our team accepts a variety of different statements to get you started on your borrowing or refinancing process. Some of the statements that we accept are:
- Deposits
- 1099 Forms
- Funds in an IRA
- Cash Accounts
The statements we accept are not limited to the listed above, contact our team today to see if your specific statements and documentation can qualify for borrowing!

Benefits of Short-Term Rates

With our programs, you can get short term interest rates which means that you will essentially pay less interest over time! Not only can short-term interest rates benefit you when paying back what you borrowed, but it can also help with inflation in general which can benefit you more when paying back your loan or if you decide to purchase another home or property down the road!

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Choose e-Finance Mortgage, LLC

At e-Finance Mortgage, LLC, our team provides a variety of different programs available to those who are self-employed and looking to borrow. These programs can allow you to refinance an existing home, lower the amount of payments, purchase a primary home, and purchase investments. If you have been self-employed for at least two years, here is some ways you can benefit from our programs:
- Use 100% of Deposits on Personal Statements
- Use Up to 85% of Deposits on Biz Statements

Bank Statement Highlight Programs:

- FICO®: Min 600
- Up to 90% LTV, Purchase & Rate/ Term
- Up to 85% LTV, Cash-Out
- Loan Amounts Up to 5 Million
- Couple With Asset Utilization for Extra Income

There are many different reasons to choose e-Finance Mortgage, LLC, as your borrowing partners when you are self-employed! Our team of professionals can work closely with you to help you determine your best options. Contact us today to learn more about how you can benefit from our programs!