Are you local? Discover the sweet spots of Illinois!

Illinois is the midwestern state that is surrounded by a variety of places. The state’s landscapes are surrounded by farmland, forests, wetlands, and rolling hills. Illinois is also known for having one of its most popular cities, Chicago. If you’re planning to live here, we think Illinois is a beautiful place to reside by and has plenty of places worth exploring.

Here are some of the places in Illinois that our company here in e-Finance Mortgage believe may just sweep you off your feet:

Chicago, Illinois


Chicago has some of the funnest things to go to such as the best music festivals you can experience. Some of our favorite music festivals are: Lollapalooza (thousands of fans travel to Chicago for this), Chicago Blues Festival, Chicago Jazz Festival, and World Music Festival Chicago. Art and community bridges these music events together too, giving people plenty of opportunity to explore and learn. Speaking of art and learning, Chicago has a lot of museums too like the Art Institute of Chicago, Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, and Smart Museum of Art.

We know that food is also plentiful to find in Chicago ranging from its famous deep dish pizza to exotic around-the-world dishes. There are also some food festivals we have been to and those would be: Chicago Gourmet (celebration for great wine and food), Taste of Chicago (with local restaurants, live chef demos, and food trucks), and Windy City Smokeout (for all things barbecue and country).

We highly recommend Millennium Park as it is one of the centers of the places and you can see art installations around each corner to ice skating among the towering skyscrapers of downtown Chicago.

Springfield, Illinois

This city is a dedication to all things Lincoln and I don’t know about you, but we do love some history. You can find the Lincoln Home National Historic Site, the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library & Museum, and you may even get a glimpse of where Abraham Lincoln and his family are resting.

Nature in Illinois

If you’re outdoorsy like some of us are, you may like to see the forests and natural wonders that Illinois wildly offers. Shawnee National Forest, Matthiessen State Park, Illinois Beach State Park, Garden of the Gods, and Cache River Natural Area are some of the best places to seek those natural wonders such as a large swamp, rock formations from millions of years old, Lake Michigan’s shoreline, and more.

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Seasonal Events in Illinois

The summer in Illinois is one of the best seasons for the state. If you’re looking to find some local events to take you and/or your family at, to make new memories with your friends at, and to enjoy the atmosphere that the state offers, check out some of the seasonal events to do here.