VA Loans

VA Loans

A VA Loan is one of the most powerful and flexible lending options available today. Whether you are purchasing or refinancing, VA Loans have incredible benefits. At e-Finance Mortgage, LLC, our team of VA Loan professionals have almost 2 decades of experience combined and can help you navigate your purchase or refinancing. Check out some of the benefits and offerings that come with VA Loans below or contact us today to see how you can benefit from a VA loan.

Competitively Low Interest Rates

One major benefit of VA loans is that they come with competitively low interest rates. This makes them an ideal choice for first time home buyers or those looking to purchase a home with less money down. These competitively low interest rates don’t just apply to purchases, VA Loan refinancing rates can also be lower than other refinancing options.


Lower Closing Costs

With a VA loan, you can get lower closing costs when you buy your home! With the benefit of lower closing costs, a VA Loan enables you to get your dream home sooner than you thought. In addition to lower closing costs, VA Loan benefits can include down payment assistance. If you are active or retired military and ready to take advantage of these benefits, our team can help you with your VA loan to ensure that you are able to get those lower closing costs.

Cash-Out for Refinancing

With a VA loan, you can get cash-out for refinancing your home! Cash-out refinancing allows veteran homeowners to tap into their home equity to finance other expenses. If you have a VA Loan and need cash, then this is the way to go! Our team can help you get the cash that you need and access the benefits of refinancing your VA Loan.


Lifetime Benefit

As a veteran, your VA loan is a lifetime benefit. This means that you can use it more than once and in different states. At e-Finance Mortgage, LLC, our team is licensed in many different states. With us, you can use your VA loan in different states, whether you need to move to get closer to family or you want to go to another state to find your dream home, or you need cash now, or simply want to refinance, our team can help!

Get Started Today

VA loans come with a lot of different benefits that can help you purchase and maintain your dream home. Whether you have used a VA loan before or you are new to the process, e-Finance Mortgage, LLC, can help! Our team of professionals can help you determine the best way to get the most out of your VA loans. With us, you can uncover your refinancing and purchasing options. Contact us today to learn more about your VA loan!

Get the Refinancing You Need Today

No matter what type of refinancing is perfect for your situation, e-Finance Mortgage is here to ensure your success. Refinancing doesn’t need to be stressful or complicated. Talk to one of our experts today about your needs and we can help determine the optimal solution for you. Our refinancing team is ready to provide you with the care and service you need to get the benefits you deserve.

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Anthony and his team truly made the buying process as easy as it could be - thorough, detailed, and provided timely updates. Everything was organized and gave me peace of mind in a stressful time.
-Jonathon Fernandez
My re-finance through e-Finance Mortgage LLC was a fabulous business experience. There was no stress at all for me. I was confident in each member of the team, and they fulfilled my greatest expectations.
-Deborah Cuming
I really can’t say enough as to how wonderful they are. Thanks guys for helping put me in my forever, peaceful and cozy home!
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