Homes For The Heroes: Choosing A VA Loan In Illinois

Thinking about settling down in Illinois?
Welcome to the state which has the privilege of serving home to three American elected presidents: Abraham Lincoln—who still resides within the heart of the state through many honoring sites; Ulysses S. Grant; and of course, Barack Obama.
The state pays homage to US history with a multitude of museums, historic houses and parks.
Visit to the Amish country in central part of the state, pay your respects to Lincoln by visiting the sites where the leader’s legacies shine, and climb on the ancient Cahokia Mounds.
There’s more: If you are a veteran or an active service member, then you have the perfect chance to buy your dream home—courtesy of the VA loan. This state has a plethora of benefits to those who served the country’s forces.

A Home Loan For The Brave

The state of Illinois consists of a population of over 13 million, and amongst them are over 764,000 veterans of the United States.
Not only do the veterans have the comfort of financial support features in home purchases—tailored just for them—but also access to numerous military bases, which include Rock Island Arsenal, Scott Air Force Base, and the Great Lakes Training Center.
Veterans and services members who look for a VA home loan in Land of Lincoln are required to fulfill some requirements:
-It is necessary to have fulfilled the required services years to apply for the loan. Veterans should meet the minimum service-years requirements as defined by the state. Active military members can once they have served at least 6 months.
-National Guard, and other service members, can apply if they have served for 6 years.
-A certificate of eligibility (COE) must be owned by every applicant.
-Other requirements for the VA loan include: W-2 statements, incomes statements, updated information for checking and savings account(s), recent pay stubs, and credit history records.

What does e-Finance VA Loan Offer You?

At e-finance Mortgage, LLC, we streamline the process of acquiring a VA Loan for veterans and service members throughout Illinois. Having access to a vast number of housing market resources, we offer excellent terms on mortgage loans.
Some benefits of the Illinois VA Loan include:
-Complete financing on home purchase (if the appraised value does not exceed sale price)
-No Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI)
-Limited closing costs
-Financing up to 3.3% of VA funding charges
Need a VA Loan in Illinois? The housing market and loan interest rates in the Prairie State are steady, and you could not have chosen a better time to house-hunt! At e-Finance Mortgage, LLC, we also help veterans refinance their loan.
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