Understanding the FHA Loan History

FHA Loan

The FHA loan program was created by the federal government after the Great Depression. It was introduced to help lower and moderate income individuals and families gain access to home ownership.

Home Hunting With A Baby On The Way


You’ve learned that you have little one on the way. The excitement is up, baby shops visited and registry finalized. However, you are not done planning. Looking around your current home, you realize that it may not be the most kid-friendly place. It is time for you to go house-hunting. Before you embark on the… [Read More]

Going For The FHA Loan In Colorado


With a plethora of loan options available in the housing market today, homebuyers have a number of financial support options to choose from. One of the few loan programs leading over the rest is the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loan. This loan can be accessed through authorized lenders in most parts of the US, including… [Read More]

Adopting Healthy Financial Habits


Setting yourself up for a content financial future requires much diligence. One step at a time, one healthy financial habit after another is how you secure a better grip on your spending, and reach your financial goals. Poor financial habits may seem to have minor impact at this point, but imagine making huge purchases in… [Read More]

Compelling Reasons To Opt For Adjustable-Rate Mortgage


Homebuyers are at a considerable advantage when it comes to getting loans in the US. The post-WWII era included the start of new home loan opportunities, paving the way to a growing housing market. Despite the occasional fallouts in the economy, the loaning culture remains strong and consistent, with more options to suit different homebuyer… [Read More]

Essential Loan Tips For Managing Your Finances


Taking up loans becomes necessary in most financial circumstances, when you need that extra help to move along a major investment decision in your life. A few examples include purchasing a new home, or choosing a new car, and even opting for higher studies with high fees. In any of these cases, improper financial planning… [Read More]