Essential Loan Tips For Managing Your Finances


Taking up loans becomes necessary in most financial circumstances, when you need that extra help to move along a major investment decision in your life. A few examples include purchasing a new home, or choosing a new car, and even opting for higher studies with high fees. In any of these cases, improper financial planning… [Read More]

Veteran’s Guide: Benefitting From Loans Designed For You


If you want to receive maximum financial benefits in any long-term purchases, it would be wise to make use of opportunities offered by applicable authorities related to your purchase; the VA loan is one such opportunity. Statistics reveal that there are over 21 million veterans and service members currently residing in the US. And yet, only 6%… [Read More]

Watch Out For These Trends In Housing Market Right Now


Each year, the US housing market is subjected to a few changes, resulting primarily from altering socio-economic conditions. Given the culture of constant buying and selling, as people seek to acquire or change residence, it is important to keep an eye on what is happening in the current housing market. Watching out for these changes… [Read More]

It’s Time To Bust These 10 Mortgage Loan Myths


One misconception in a compelling financial decision can keep you from making progress in your investments. The same goes for mortgage loans; over the years, a number of myths have been cultivated in the housing marketing. To make sure that you are not held back from getting the home of your dreams, we have compiled… [Read More]

Homes For The Heroes: Choosing A VA Loan In Illinois

Aerial View of the University of Illinois Research Park

Thinking about settling down in Illinois? Welcome to the state which has the privilege of serving home to three American elected presidents: Abraham Lincoln—who still resides within the heart of the state through many honoring sites; Ulysses S. Grant; and of course, Barack Obama. The state pays homage to US history with a multitude of… [Read More]

5 Tips To Finding The Ideal Neighborhood In Colorado


If you love a softly chilled climate during your daily humdrums, and summer full of festivals and camping opportunities, then Colorado might just be the place to move to! The western U.S. state has a plethora of peaceful neighborhoods, lots of seasonal celebrations, and great housing opportunities! Thinking about settling down in the centennial state?… [Read More]

Bad Credits And Other Mortgage Loans Faux Pas


Buying a home is actually a drastic change in your life, especially financially. That being said, most homebuyers have little to no knowledge of housing market trend, of how loan rates, debt rations, and credit checks work. It is imperative that you know of practices that may get you stuck in a financial swamp Watch… [Read More]

Know These 6 Essential FHA Facts


The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loan is a popular government-backed mortgage loan choice, especially for first-time home buyers. This is primarily due to the fact that FHA requirements are less stringent than conventional loans. However, that doesn’t mean FHA loan doesn’t protect lending agencies. The FHA loan program was in fact launched in response to… [Read More]

Colorado Conventional Loans: Do You Qualify?


When it comes to mortgage financing, borrowers have plenty of loan choices today. Conventional loan is one of the most popular loan types out there. Unlike VA, FHA and USDA loans, conventional loans don’t come with a government guarantee. These loans are not insured by the federal government and typically follow the guidelines of Fannie… [Read More]